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After a party at our house that we could not send, my wife I will never forget... was tired and a little drunk, so I went to bed before leaving the last two puritanas guys. My wife said she was going to take since I would'nt be puritanas seen again ! While in bed, started playing in my mind, like the two boys had always flirted with her in the past. I was scared and went to the room to toast the music had been in and the two boys dancing around. The guy in front asked if Flash have big breasts, as it was the last time you get, you could see. To my surprise, they quickly agreed, and opened her blouse and removed her bra. He broke it and the kids were very happy when they have a couple with semi -hard nipples grest. He put his hands on him and bent down to suck one while the other grabbed the other rubbing her ass from behind. She threw back her head and kissed the puritanas man behind hard and sexy. When he became the first man had his cock in his hand and stroked an impressive size. He took her hand and pulled him down to avoid that, they did so with a smile. She pushed him to the couch and pulled out and sucked it slowly, while the man was out of her skirt up and pulled her and stroked her Nickers and touched her for a few seconds when I was so wet it was almost fluid, the first leg . He stood up and she did'nt notice puritanas to pass over them. He grabbed her sholders and rammed his huge cock in her at once. It seemed a little surprised and angry, but left his shit beged away from him, as it would be his only chance before we moved. She told him that it becomes a good fuck ! He hit hard and came all over her pussy as he did. The first man was a little surprised, as it sank as he rode his cock hard until he had more painfully did'nt ! He puritanas stood up and told them to leave quickly and went to that I had been hiding and led me through my c driveock, who had to solve. She told me she knew I was there all the time, waiting for me to break it, while I was just a little hot, but I've never left. We spent six hours fuck that Nigh and meny more, because the flashbacks
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